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2 days in barcelona

Friday. 11. 18. 2011.

A couple weekends ago, I flew down to hang out with Fredrik for a couple of days. Unfortunately one of those days was a Sunday and most things were closed but we still had a good time. It wasn’t a vacation in Barcelona, the purpose was to hang out with my husband and we just happened to hang out in Barcelona.

The first place we ate at was at La Coctelera, a place we passed by while wandering the streets waiting for Fredrik’s laundry to be done. Total fluke that the first place we go to has awesome food.

Oh Barcelona how I love thee.

I was also pretty excited to find Cheetos and Nestea Iced Tea in Barcelona. They have neither of those things in Sweden. I might have drank the iced tea too quickly because I have a vague memory of telling Fredrik that I had a tummy ache as we wandered the streets.

The first day (Saturday) in Barcelona was a bit uneventful since Fredrik had to work. I went to the Carrefour (supermarket chain) across the street from our hotel and was thoroughly impressed by their aisle of ham.

Yes. Just head on down the ham AISLE.

I wished that we could eat a whole ham before it went bad but I had to be realistic. The Carrefour was PACKED with people. I totally clued out on the idea that things might be closed on Sunday. (HELLO?! Super Catholic country! DUH!) Not to mention, I wasn’t used to the crowd. Everyone was shopping like a hurricane was coming. Shelves were getting emptied. I wish, oh how I wish, I bought all those tinned razor clams and little neck clams. I might have also thought that I’d rather have Fredrik give me a hand carry the stuff back to the hotel. I left Carrefour having purchased only a brush, leave in conditioner and conditioner.

We stayed on the 16th floor so we had this awesome view of the city.



Sunday was our official hang out day. There was a list of restaurants to check out. I was most interested in the markets but didn’t really have my hopes up. We wandered through the streets near Las Ramblas and tried to find a couple of these places (only to find them closed). We found KFC. I had to have some fried chicken. We were also really hungry. So we split a 6 pack of hot wings. Save your reactions for someone else. I’ve been wanting fried chicken since I left Canada last year.


We found one of the restaurants on my list. It was closed. SURPRISE!
Heading back to the main street, I spotted a stall in the little open market by the main road. That’s were we got octopus. Everyone eating there appeared to be locals. It was a dai pai dong. It was the kind of place we were looking for.

octopus, ribs + sausages

We ordered octopus, ribs and sausages. The sausages were kind of disappointing but the octopus and ribs were delicious. Thinking about it makes me want octopus. OM NOM NOM

It rained intermittently but it was still nice. I was just happy that it wasn’t cold. We went to the aquarium and took pictures of the cuttlefish.


Walked to a restaurant on my list only to find out that it was open but we arrived too late. On the way back to the hotel I bought some roasted chestnuts and a roasted sweet potato. I haven’t eaten roasted chestnuts since I moved to Sweden. My mom used to roast chestnuts in the winter but I’ve only been to Canada during the summer.

chestnuts and sweet potato

We finished off the day by having dinner at La Coctelera. I was so tempted to order more food even when I felt like I was going to be sick. It was so good. You just don’t get seafood like that in Sweden. I loved the fact that there’s no crazy sauce and nothing is cooked with ridiculous amounts of dill. Seafood should be kept simple. Everything tasted like the ocean. It was FANTASTIC.

@ La Coctelera

@ La Coctelera

I would have loved to check out the markets. We’ll just have to go back.

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