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do what makes you most happy

Tuesday. 10. 18. 2011.

But the question is… what makes you happy?

Things in the anxiety front have gotten better comparing to the start of the semester. There’s the occasional moment of “Oh I am not getting this” but then I remind myself that while I am looking into a future in the science field, I’m not looking into a future in the science field that requires me dealing with quantum mechanics on a daily basis.

Today I was talking to the girl sitting next to me who is in the molecular biology program. She thinks that she might not be in the right program but will stick to the course seeing that almost any other science related program would require the basic chemistry course. I think this girl just finished high school.

It got me wondering about the choices in life. I mean I know people who thought they had it all figured out and were doing what makes them happy only to make a change because of whatever reasons. I AM one of those people.

There are times when I wonder if I would be happy doing whatever I end up doing. I mean I thought I was going to stroll off into the sunset, living happily ever after with a career in the fashion industry. Now I can hardly sit in front of my sewing machine without feeling like stabbing myself in the leg.

Most of the time I tell myself that I can’t give up now, not after the physics and that what I’m doing now will open more doors for me in the future. I mean, comparing to my other options, what I’m doing now does make me happier (while suffering more) but what if I find out however many years from now that this isn’t what I want to do? I suddenly find myself in the position I was in after graduating from college, feeling like I’ve been dropped off on a road I don’t recognize in a country that doesn’t speak a language I understand.

I suppose that’s the risk that I take. Either things will be fantastic or decent (I’ll take decent) or I’ll find myself asking, “Would you like fries with that?”

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  1. Tuesday. 10. 18. 2011. 10.38 pm

    I think you know already, because you’ve survived it once, that finding yourself off you chosen path in the middle of nowhere isn’t that bad. You just find another path to take. The great thing about education is that you never lose it, and it’s applicable in so many situations.

    You don’t like what you do after a million years of school? Do something different. No big deal. Apparently people change careers an average of 3 times in their lifetime. In the end, it’s better to change careers that stay with something that makes you unhappy, or want to engage in self-harm like stabbing yourself in the leg. 🙂

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