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not so scary

Monday. 10. 3. 2011.

I went to my lecture this morning with the decision that if the panic attacks keep up for another month, I’m gonna go on hiatus, sort myself out and start again in January.

I managed to sort stuff out school wise. Asking for help wasn’t as embarrassing or as painful as I had envisioned. When I got home, I went through some of the problems I was having some issues with and like previous experiences, it IS that simple. So that’s taken a load off me.

My head has been feeling like it’s in a vise. I thought at first that it was a sinus infection but it sorta got better. Then I was thinking that it was from teeth grinding during sleep and possibly clenching of the jaw when I’ve been panic ridden.

I decided today that I would try to get it ruled out by a doctor. As it turns out, I have some serious sinus inflammation. Which in a way is a good sign ’cause that means it’s not in my head!

Today has been a pretty good day. I think I can get through this and this time it’s not a superficial belief.  🙂

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