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Saturday. 09. 17. 2011.

I’ve never pondered more on being Chinese than I have since I moved to Sweden.

I’ve wondered if my parents are ever ashamed that I’m not as “Chinese” as some of the other Chinese kids. I’m curious as to how much Chinese (traditions/culture/language) my kids would come to know.

There’s a lab assistant at the university that’s Chinese and grew up in Wales. I’ve become interested in what his up bringing was like in comparison to mine and how “Chinese” he is. At the present moment, I know only that he has the same sense of humor as my dad.

My lab partner is also Chinese but from China. For the first time in MANY MANY years, I’m speaking Cantonese to someone outside of my family. While most of the CBCs (Canada Born Chinese) gravitated towards the other Chinese kids and spoke Cantonese/Mandarin with them in everyday conversations, I stuck by my “whitie” friends and spoke Cantonese only with my family.

My lab partner was a bit shocked when I told him that I speak English with my Chinese friends.

Honestly, aside from looking Chinese and being able to converse in Cantonese, I know very little about Chinese culture and find very little in common with the Chinese people I have met.

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