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productive?! seriously?!

Monday. 09. 5. 2011.

I was told last week that I was productive. It was a remark on me knitting a pair of replacement mittens. A compliment is a compliment. I don’t care how far from the truth.

My commute to school usually takes about an hour so I take advantage of that time to get some knitting/reading done. I also find knitting to be rather soothing after a lecture, during my lunch.

So here’s a bit of an update on my replacement mittens.

not quite finished oak mitten  the squirrel of DOOM  together... almost

The right hand (oak) needs a thumb. The left hand (squirrel) is coming along. I’m rather happy with my choice of colours. I think the oak leaf is really nice in the blaze. They’ll look less mangled once I’ve washed them. I had 2 stitches extra on the left hand mitten. Didn’t notice till I started the pattern but that was solved quickly with a ssk and a k2tog. Easy peasy.

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