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Sunday. 08. 28. 2011.

Last winter, I lost my squirrel and oak mittens. I took them off when I was in a shop and forgot them, then I forgot where I forgot them. I was mad but not much I could have done, except hope whoever claims them will treat them well.

It’s been a while since I last knitted.

I started a hoodie for my friend’s nephew but that’s kind of going at the pace of molasses.

The last thing I knitted was the “little sister’s dress” which apparently was giving me some grief, which in turn was giving Fredrik a bit of grief.

The other day, thinking about the imminent arrival of winter, I realised that I didn’t have any mittens. Well, I do have the pair I bought to replace my Thinsulate mittens I bought at a Real Canadian Superstore for $1.50. But they’re really not as good as the Thinsulate mittens. In fact, comparing to my Thinsulate mittens, they’re a bit crap. Unfortunately the Thinsulate mittens were showing signs of wear.

So I started on a new pair of mittens. My Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Super Wash stash is no longer as plentiful as it once was. I’ve opted to knit the oak leaf mitten with mahogany and blaze and the squirrel mitten with mahogany and blueberry sorbet. I’m hoping that I have enough mahogany yarn. I may have to improv a little should I run out.

Progress is good. Think I’ll line these mittens with flannel. Wool + my skin do not go terribly well together.

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