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forest walks

Friday. 08. 26. 2011.

I finally got off my ass and started to wander the forests by our house. When I was a kid, I loved going “exploring”. The house I grew up in had a greenbelt behind it and lived biking distance from the Credit River. It’s been my fear of ticks that have kept me from checking out the forests by our house. It’s not like we don’t have ticks in Canada but there seems to be more concern about them here.

The forests here are very different from the forests I grew up with. The forest floor is mostly covered in peat moss. It feels like walking on sponge. It can be a bit scary (even though I know it’s not). I play “the floor is made of lava” in the forest, hopping from one rock to another.

The forests here also have loads of edible goodies. Blueberries, or rather, BILBERRIES are in season right now. I’d go and pick a whole bunch for jam making but they’re low to the ground and not really that abundant. Sweet like candy when you find a ripe one. I pick them here and there through my wanderings and eat them as a snack. Lingonberries are also starting to ripen. They’re more tart. I prefer the bilberries.


lingon berry

My favourite things in the forest, whether here or back in Canada, are the mushrooms. I just love them. Haven’t eaten any. Don’t really know what’s edible and not. I have the iPhone app but I’m not willing to chance it. Just think they’re marvelous.





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  1. Monday. 08. 29. 2011. 8.36 pm

    The top mushroom is in the ‘sopp’ family, and is edible. You can tell because the underside is like a sponge. As long as it isn’t red on top and under the cap, your safe with that typ. Don’t know about the others.

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