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Thursday. 08. 25. 2011.

Summer wanes here in Sweden. There are still warm days but the nights have started to cool and the number of hours of sun have decreased (well, that started after midsummer).

Most of my plants are still doing rather well. I think the peas have breathed their last breathe. I’ll bring the pepper plants in before the first night frost. I’m going to try to overwinter them.

peppers   peppers


The tomatoes are ripening… slowly. I’ll be canning them like I did last year. I’ve got some really nice paste tomatoes and just giant beef steak tomatoes. Last winter, I think I bought a total of 2 cans of crushed tomatoes because I had canned probably 90% of the tomatoes grown in my garden. This year, I might not even have to buy a single can.

Unfortunately, some of the tomato plants are still only blooming. I’m hoping that the weather stays nice so that I can see some of these flowers set fruit. I have 2 centiflor tomato plants that are just magnificent and I wish I had a green house so I can see all the flowers become fruit. Perhaps I’ll move them indoors and see if they’ll make it. I wish I knew someone with a green house. I’d gladly give them the plants just to see the end result. I’m gonna give some seeds to my mom ’cause I think she’d love it in her garden.


centiflor flowers

centiflor flowers

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