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mope mope mope

Monday. 08. 22. 2011.

I’ve been having a not so nice day.

I’ve had to cancel my trip to Canada.

I got my schedule for school and if I did go ahead with my trip, I’d be missing a lot of labs and coming home 7 days before an exam. If I had only lectures and didn’t have an exam 7 days after I get home, I would’ve probably gone ahead with perhaps a shortened version of this trip but it’s labs and there’s the damn exam.

I was REALLY looking forward to spending Mid-Autumn Festival with my family.

When I first realised that I would be in Canada for Mid-Autumn Festival, I was super excited. Chinese festivals/holidays have become extra special to me because they’re not holidays that everyone celebrates, like Christmas or Easter. When I was younger, I was kind of rejected them because I felt like I didn’t belong in the society I was living in with these “extra” holidays, but as I got older, I realised that they were like the “club” holidays. It was part of being Chinese and it was part of my family traditions. I still remember being rather upset about spending Chinese New Year without my family for the first time (they moved to the States while I stayed in Canada).

I know that I’d come to regret going to Canada if I went with the original plans and I’d be super stressed out trying to make up labs and prepare for an exam. But it doesn’t make it suck any less.

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