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it’s a Chinese thing?

Monday. 08. 22. 2011.

I met friends of a friend this weekend. These friends are Indian and there were a few moments where they asked if I had similar experiences as they have because our non caucasian backgrounds. There were quite a few “OH MY GOD YES!” shouted out that evening.

I crushed my middle finger in a pair of tongs trying to get a jar out of boiling water. *Luckily* nothing was damaged except my middle finger. The blood in my index and ring fingers have decided to drain itself out of those fingers, leaving my hand incredibly cold. I’m using this hand warmer (available at Mizz Monroe sold as “hot massage hearts”) to warm up my other fingers and to hopefully minimize the bruise in my middle finger.

This minimizing of the bruise using heat got me thinking about the time I tried to sit on a chain and of course that didn’t work out as well as I had imagined. (Leave that to the imagination of a 4 year old) I got a bump on my head and my mother rolled a hot-ish hard boiled egg over the bump to take the swelling away.

I’ve asked friends of mine, non Chinese friends, about this and I ended up sounding a bit crazy.

Looking on the interweb, there are posts about this rolling a hot hard boiled egg over a bruise, all with comments relating to the Chinese. The theory is more or less the same as a hot compress. But it looks like a cold compress works better on fresh bruises.

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