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carrots, peas and peppers, OH MY!

Thursday. 08. 18. 2011.

chocolate beauty bell pepper   chocolate bell pepper

chocolate bell pepper

Chocolate bell peppers. Not only pretty but delicious too!

purple hull peas   peas

Purple on the outside, green on the inside.

curry beef fried rice   curry beef fried rice

I made a fried rice with the left over beef from the Jamaican patties. In it, I put chilli, tomatoes, onion and peas from our garden. It was not only yummy but very satisfying to know so many ingredients come from our backyard.

ripe-ish tomatoes   ripe-ish tomatoes

tomatoes cross section   tomatoes from the garden

I do believe what I have is a couple Costoluto Genovese (red) and a Gold Medal (yellow) tomato.

black bell pepper from the garden   black bell pepper

Black bell pepper. Unfortunately this one wasn’t quite ripe.

chillies from the garden   like the chestburster

chilli pepper

chilli pepper   chilli pepper

tomato from the garden   centiflor tomato flowers

Tiny carrots!!

Tiny carrots!

salad blue potatoes (pre cooking)   Salad blue potatoes from the garden. Just ♥ my garden.   potato berry

Blue salad potatoes & a potato berry


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  1. Thursday. 08. 18. 2011. 9.23 pm

    everything looks great – particularly the black and chocolate bell peppers. Bet they tasted great too !

  2. Thursday. 08. 18. 2011. 10.24 pm

    The chocolate bell pepper was delicious but the black bell pepper wasn’t ready yet. It tasted like a very unripe green pepper. (I don’t like green pepper in general.)

  3. Friday. 08. 19. 2011. 10.10 pm

    thanks, I think these will have to be added to my 2012 grow list

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