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what else are you supposed to do?

Sunday. 08. 14. 2011.

I had a couple of days off work last week and as usual… I found myself cooking like a mad person. Kind of silly in some ways since I don’t have anyone to feed this food to. But that’s not true… I usually bring whatever I make into work and feed my co workers. One has dubbed me “the food wife”.

The patties are in the oven.I got myself a copy of Caribbean Food Made Easy with Levi Roots. I’ve been craving the Jamaican food available in Toronto. I used to work around the corner from Patty King in Kensington Market. Trini doubles, mango cake and warm beef patties. I bought back some jerk seasoning the last time I was in Canada and it was a big hit when I used it to marinate pork and chicken for the barbeque.


I was rummaging in the freezer and found a package of mince beef. Of course I took it as a sign that it was time to make some beef patties.

The dough was pretty easy to make. Just a simple pate brisee with turmeric. I was short on all purpose flour, so I used some rye flour. It gave the dough a bit of a crunch which wasn’t all so bad. I need to get some more curry powder. The filling could’ve used a bit more chilli as well. But overall, the results were fantastic. My co workers also appreciated it. In fact, we’re gonna start selling something similar at the shop.  (^_^)

Jamaican patty FTW

I’m gonna roll the pastry a bit thinner next time.

I had promised a friend a while back that I would make her char siu. I used a marinate from a jar. Let’s be honest, I’m not going to make EVERYTHING from scratch. I did, however, follow the instructions to roasting it from a cookbook I’ve got. I wasn’t sure how it was gonna turn out but it turned out great. I think I’ll be making char siu like this every time from now on. I think the picture is better at explaining what I did.

Char siu in the oven. I've never done meat like this before. Shall be interesting.


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  1. Sunday. 08. 14. 2011. 4.51 pm

    This looks so scrummy and has made me really jealous because our oven has broken. We’ll be living on pasta until our landlord gets someone out to fix it next week.

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