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yummy piggie

Saturday. 07. 2. 2011.

Fredrik requested a roasted pig for his birthday which was the day before Canada day. I decided to combine the two and make it a birthday/Canada day pig roast.

We borrowed the spit from my work and ordered the smallest suckling pig we could get our hands on. The smallest was still 15kg. We ordered a pig that was partially cooked so we didn’t have to roast the pig for 10+ hours. Fredrik dug a pit in our backyard for the fire. We’re thinking that we might keep the pit for future roasts/bonfires.



The pig took about 4 hours to finish. When we picked up the pig, it was frozen which was great because it was at least 3 hours before we would put in over the fire but when we were ready, the pig was still slightly frozen.

The “party” was confined to the indoors because we still don’t have our deck yet (it’s getting built this weekend) so the fire was a bit unattended. I think our next try (possibly next year) will not take as long. I’ve learned from this attempt (my 1st) that I need to tend to the fire way more attentively.

The pig was DELICIOUS!

I used a crème brûlée torch to finish the cracking. Cracking had always been the bane of my pork roasts. It’s either not crispy enough or burnt ’cause I forgot about it under the broiler. I wanted to get just a regular blow torch but the one they had at the hardware store was double the amount for the “chef’s torch”. Think I’m gonna see if it’s possible to get the wee propane tank here and just get the torch bit at Canadian Tire when I’m in Canada.

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