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from busy right into busy

Friday. 06. 17. 2011.

Typical me… as soon as school is done, I’ve started on the things that needs to be done around the house. Throw in a pinch of work.

Happy to say that I’ve passed all my finals. Now I wait… Won’t be until July that I get a response from the universities.

Fredrik and I have been working on the house. This week we got grass for the backyard. It’s looking pretty nice.

There be grass!

I’ve moved the peppers outside onto the deck in the front. They’ve been soaking up the sun and heat. (It’s been unusually warm in the past week.)

Today I incorporated what I’ve been growing in the garden into our dinner. The nice thing about having a dozen kale plants is that I can just clip a couple leaves from each plant and it would continue to grow. We’ll have plenty of kale and swiss chard this summer. Hopefully lots of other vegetables. Everything is in it’s “permanent” home. Now I just hope mother nature will give me a hand and continue to have the sunny warm days for the rest of summer.

Kale from the garden. Gonna have that for dinner. :-)

Dinner is ready. Pork belly. New potatoes. Creamed kale(from our garden!). OM NOM NOM

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