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love hate

Sunday. 06. 5. 2011.

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with advertisements. I love them in a creative sense and in a psychological and sociological sense. I hate the fact that they’re EVERYWHERE. Even when I’m on the can at a public bathroom. (Always ad with some dude inside the bathroom stall door… WORSE ad EVER. Doesn’t make me want to buy Always. Makes me want to punch whoever ok-ed the idea.)

I applied for Sheridan’s advertising program when I was applying for college in Canada. Even got accepted but at the time I was more drawn towards fashion design.

Swedish television has some seriously awesome ads.

The most recent I’ve come across is Gevalia’s commercial for their new line of coffee. I haven’t found a youtube link so you’ll have to watch it on the director’s site.

This year’s Adressändring commercials have been hilarious.

For those who don’t understand Swedish, the mother calls the daughter to say that her package arrived and that her father is already setting up the “swing of love”.

The mother is telling her daughter that the snorkel equipment arrived, the mask works out but her father won’t be using the “snorkel”.

Here are some of my favourite ads from the motherland.



Of course… The Old Spice Man…





This because I like the kitties…

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