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garden update 5/6/11

Sunday. 06. 5. 2011.

From the “greenhouse”…


I repotted the wee sundew…

I bought this super cute coffee set but the eBay seller didn’t pack it properly so there were damages. I sowed pansy seeds into the cups that weren’t in good enough condition to be used as coffee cups.

The lilac blooms.


Currants are in bloom.


There’s gonna be strawberries this year!

The rhubarb is divided from my friend’s and now grows nicely with the onions.

Transplanted some of the kale into the garlic/carrot box.

Carrots… can’t remember which kind.

Swiss chard

Now without pak choi. Just kale, swiss chard and onions. The flea beetle population has declined dramatically.

Bean/pea trellis. I have blue salad potatoes in the black IKEA bags.

Tomato set up.

Random lettuce. I grew some baby salad in a garden box last summer… I dumped the soil out in the fall and this year lettuce grew from the soil.

Flowers in the front.

The jade plants are now outside collecting as much sun as possible.



Peas… think this might be one that’s purple on the outside.

Beans and peas seedlings. The plan is to plant them out sometime this week.

Flowers in our front deck

Tomatoes on our front deck

Summer squash, winter squash, cucumber, fuzzy melon… I’ve forgotten which is which.

Sundew flower


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