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the real world is just another high school experience

Sunday. 05. 29. 2011.

Last year there was an internet projected called “It Gets Better” launched in response to a number of teenage suicides that was a result of these teenagers for getting bullied in school for their sexual orientation/suspicion.

Not writing this post to rag on this project. I think it’s a great project.

This post is about those days when it kind of sinks in that things don’t actually get better.

I used to think that I wouldn’t have to deal with the bullshit attitudes of the other students, friends/frienemies/enemies, once I was out of high school. I didn’t finish OAC because I wanted to just slit my wrists every time I had to walk in the halls of my high school and be surrounded by all these people I couldn’t stand the sight of.

Unfortunately the real world is just another high school experience. One would think that with age comes maturity but fact is, everyone’s still grouped into their little cliques and shallow judgement is still passed regularly. Some days I just want to be a recluse.

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