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Sunday. 05. 29. 2011.

One of the programs I applied for is nutrition. Think that can be really interesting. There aren’t any food science programs here like there are in North America.

I took a nutrition course when I was in college. I really liked it. I took it with 4 other girls that were also in my program.

My teacher for this course would make remarks like, “You can’t be in the fashion arts program. You’re good at science.” I was also really interested and did really well in the textiles course we had. Well… I did well in all my courses. (Graduated with a 3.9 GPA.)

It’s funny when people make assumptions like that. The idea that a student from the fashion arts program couldn’t possibly be good with science is… absurd. (A friend of mine will tell you that stereotypes are based on statistical evidence.)

Since I’m making a switch from “the arts” to “the sciences” I’ve heard many cringe worthy remarks.

It’s rather interesting because I would never fathom the idea that any of the people I know working in “non creative” occupations would be not creative. Perhaps it’s because my mother’s side of the family is academic (didn’t work out so well for my mom but certain events beyond her control kind of ruined her chances with school) but also dabble in the creative side of things.

I also find it rather interesting that academics have a particular air when they talk about my choice in studying fashion arts. They make it sound like I went to clown college.

None of this is ever malicious. Pretty sure most of it is also unconscious.

This is all rather intriguing. I only hope I never pick it up when I have accumulated enough years of education.

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