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after flower comes the fruit

Sunday. 05. 29. 2011.

A wee pepper bum emerging.I have absolutely no idea what kind of pepper this is.

Friday at the Swedish equivalent of Home Depot, I bought new pots and soil for my pepper plants. A joyous occasion for my plants because soon they will have a more spacious accommodation and a moment of “Holy crap I just bought 16 pots. I have 16 pepper plants to repot!” for me. I sms Fredrik telling him to remind me next year I may not need to sow all the varieties of pepper seeds that I have including the seeds that come from the bell peppers we eat.

Then I saw the beginnings of this pepper and I am glad that I have so many different kinds of peppers. I’m excited to see them all bloom and bear fruit.

Apparently I can probably keep my pepper plants going for more than 1 year. I just have to remember that they’re not dead even when their leaves drop off and have no signs of growth when overwintering. (REMINDER TO SELF: Read when fall comes a knocking.)

Tomato plants appear to be doing well outside. Fredrik comes home tomorrow so he’ll be picking up some soil so I can plant the tomatoes in the boxes.

Thinking about the harvest makes me rather excited.

Update: I was just outside giving the tomato plants some slow release fertilizer. The tiny tomato is now the size of my index finger tip. AWESOME!

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