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like children in the school yard

Thursday. 05. 26. 2011.

A thing that is most commonly associated with a home garden is the term organic.

Whenever I see articles about growing organically, I immediately think of my friend whose family in India used to grow “organically” because they, at the time, were too poor to purchase chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The goal of my garden isn’t to produce organic edibles. But I do try to avoid using pesticides (with the exception of the flea beetle problem I had) whenever I can. While I would normally kill a spider ASAP in my home, I let them spin their webs on my tomato plants as long as they don’t try to follow me into the house. (The spider thing, I’ll explain in a different post.)

Naturally the combination of plants can affect the well being of the plants. That’s where companion planting comes in. Real nifty things like bee balm planted beside tomato plants will give the tomatoes better flavour or interplanting onion and garlic will help deter insects like flea beetles (!), aphids, carrot root flies and more. (Great since I sowed carrots in the same box as my garlic.)

There are lists of what’s compatible and incompatible on the interweb. This particular one ( is my favourite ’cause it’s pretty comprehensive, at least in the kind of plants I’m planting.

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