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serious… what the hell…

Monday. 05. 23. 2011.

Not to make me sound like someone who blames others for my failures but sometimes it doesn’t help…

School is coming to an end this month. My last exam is next week. Exams here is not like exams in Canada. (From my college/university experience at least.) There’s no exam period. They kind of happen when the teachers schedule them.

I wrote a bunch of them in the beginning of the month and I’m still waiting for the results. I understand that the teachers have other things to do, papers to mark, projects to do, classes to teach, etc. But sometimes they really drag it out way too long.

I had a report returned 3 months after it was submitted.

If I fail the exams, I could be using some of the time between now and the re-writes to be studying rather than getting my result a week before the re-write and scrambling to study for it.

The cherry on top in all this is the fact that my physics teacher went to Japan in April and scheduled all of our classes into the 2 weeks before the exam. 3hrs/day, 4x/week. Luckily, I don’t have any other classes during these 2 weeks but the idea that my last lecture is on Thursday and my exam on Tuesday is not at all kosher.

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