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well then

Tuesday. 05. 17. 2011.

So I got a letter from admissions… no interview. BLERGH.

I’d need a divine miracle to get into dental school now… well… at least that’s what it currently feel like.

Surprisingly… not crushed.

I suppose I know in my heart that I wasn’t 100% sure about dental school. I’ve applied for a bunch of other programs… we’ll see if I’ll have any luck with those. Otherwise… I don’t friggin’ know.

The thing that’s really pissing me off at the moment is Ull… who ran out when I was trying to bring in this cardboard box. He’s been under the front deck for over an hour because he ran into Black Ull (the black fluffy cat from 2 houses down) and he’s been staring down Black Ull for the whole time. It’s like a bizarro western standoff. Treats are not working ’cause Black Ull is super happy to come get some treats while Ull’s just staring angrily.


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