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at least 1 good thing

Tuesday. 05. 17. 2011.

I managed to grab Ull while he was under the neighbour’s porch.

It’s been one hell of a cat drama. So I was waiting for Ull to stop staring down Black Ull. Fredrik suggested I leave the door open so Ull can come back in when he’s ready. His mom did that when Ull ran out on her. All good except when Black Ull wandered in. I put him outside but he just meandered back in, so I just let him wander a bit in the house. Milo took notice of Black Ull. The two nearly got into a fight in our kitchen. I put Milo in the bathroom and chase out Black Ull with a cushion. He was not happy and wasn’t gonna let me pick him up to put outside.

Thank goodness Ull got close enough for me to reach under the porch. I had had enough for the day.

I also made a really good shrimp & sugar snap peas pasta for dinner.

shrimp & sugar snap peas pastaI made a stock using the shrimp shells. Parboiled the sugar snap peas (I threw them into the boiling linguini, then fished them out with a slotted spoon) and cut them up. Soften some chopped onion in olive oil. Add sugar snap peas and shrimp stock. Salt + pepper to taste. I added some garlic powder ’cause I didn’t feel like mincing a garlic. Reduce the stock and stir in a spoonful of creme fraiche. Add linguini, it should suck up all the sauce. Remove from heat ’cause the sauce would’ve been mostly sucked up and the pasta would stick to the pan. Add shrimps and toss thoroughly.


Cats are where they belong. 1 good thing.

Yummy dinner. 2 good things.

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