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Saturday. 05. 14. 2011.

As you know, my experiences in the garden has been… next to non existing. I was never interested in gardening when I was living at home. As far as I was concerned, the garden belonged to my mother. I occasionally helped her pick out the flowers to plant.


The other day I was looking at my newly transplanted bok choy, kale and swiss chard seedlings when I noticed that bok choy was riddled with tiny holes. When I watered the seedlings, tiny bugs started jumping around like mad. Imagine a classic cartoon of fleas on a dog/cat.

Apparently my bok choy has flea beetles. WTF.

The most amazing thing is that the kale and swiss chard is completely untouched.

Yesterday I tried going over the bok choy with a sticky bug trap. That pulled off a few bits of the leaves since now they were perforated for easy separation. I did manage to get some flea beetles but it was not to my satisfaction.

I had such a bad day yesterday that I decided that I’d just get evil and spray the crap out of the bok choy. Haven’t done that yet because I don’t have any insecticide. We don’t use any ’cause of the cats. We have a sundew plant that feeds on the fruit flies that might’ve sneaked in.

Last night I was looking into ways of getting rid of the damn flea beetles and found suggestions for a garlic spray. Figured I’d give it a try. The “downside” of this garlic spray is that the plant would retain the garlic aroma for about a month afterwards. I really don’t see that as a downside as I usually cook bok choy with plenty of garlic.

So I’ve sprayed the raised bed with this garlic infusion. Hopefully I won’t have to resort to using the strong stuff. I wouldn’t mind using insecticide if it were a fruit plant. The leaves that will get sprayed will be the leaves we’ll be eating. I wanna try to keep it as organic as I can.

I also read that catnip is great for repelling flea beetles. Seeds are coming in the mail. Fredrik joked that we’ll be the house where all the neighbourhood cats come hang out and get crazy.

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