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a new appreciation

Sunday. 05. 8. 2011.

Replanted the kale and bak choy seedlings into one of the raised beds today and I realised that I had a new appreciation for farmers and plants.

Having a home garden does not mean we can live independent from the supermarkets. Not unless you were willing to put in some SERIOUS time into it. There’s a whole lot of work to do… all the time.

I saw asparagus crowns for sale at Hornbach (our Home Depot) and was looking up how much 1 plant would produce. 1 crown is supposed to produce about 500g of asparagus when in fully established. That’s hardly anything.

Speaking of asparagus, I’m gonna get 3 or 4 crowns when Fredrik gets home and help me with the carrying.

While I was planting the bak choy seedlings, I was thinking that when we buy a bag of bak choy, that’s a whole lot of bak choy plants. The raised bed has 4 rows of 6 plants, that’s 24 plants. That’s like 1 bag of baby bak choy at the Chinese supermarket back in Canada.

I’ve got a few rows of kale but I have a feeling I’m gonna have to thin that down when they get going.

Last year I had 2 swiss chard plants and it was growing so fast I had to give it away. I’m gonna try to eat more of the swiss chard this year. I’ve got an Italian co worker who has already volunteered to take some chard off my hands.

Another thing I’ve noticed about my “adventures” in having my own garden is that at times I have no idea what the vegetable I eat looks like in plant form.

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