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some days it’s not so nice to be a girl

Sunday. 05. 1. 2011.

If I had a choice to have a vag or a wang, I’d take vag any day.

A friend of mine the other day asked if I would partake in being part of her daughter’s life along side with another friend. We’d be the friend of the girl’s mother who takes her out to girlie movies, goes shopping, takes her to get her hair and makeup done, etc. Kind of weird to think that I may have something to do with a girl’s introduction into things girlie.

Depending on what’s happening when the daughter is ready for all that stuff, I said that I’ll see what I can do. I figured that it could be fun. Except I’m not gonna endorse the norm’s perception of what beauty should be.

My friend and I got a talking. That night, part of me started thinking about how I should maybe shave my legs before I put on a dress. I was feeling pretty ridiculous because I know that I should not be feeling ridiculous for choosing not to shave my legs. Whose idea was it that the only way a woman’s legs is presentable is hair free? While a guy can grow all the hair they want.

Day after the conversation with my friend, I went to school to get a lab done.

I was talking to this girl in my class when I caught a glimpse of her armpit hair. It was totally unshaven. It was like she had tucked a couple scouring pads under her arms. Seeing that made me feel strangely good. Perhaps it’s the idea that I’m not alone in thinking that hair removal is ridiculous and also the idea that she didn’t feel “embarrassed” (I certainly don’t think she should).

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