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marrow bones

Monday. 04. 4. 2011.

I’ve been intrigued by roasted marrow bones ever since I saw Anthony Bourdain eat it at the Spotted Pig in New York on his show No Reservations.

I’ve had bone marrow before but not so straight forward. It was probably in a stew where the marrow was not the star of the dish.

The other day I brought home some marrow bones from work.

The Hungry Mouse has a great post with step by step photo instructions.

I forgot to buy parsley when I was at the store. I had the marrow as is on toasted bread. Unfortunately I didn’t find it as rave worthy as everyone has made it out to be. I found the taste to be too hardcore. Sometimes I’d find beef to taste a bit gamey. The marrow bones were pretty beef gamey and a bit too fatty. I’m also assuming that it would be much better with that parsley & red onion salad.

I’m willing to give it another try. A proper try with a parsley & red onion salad.

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