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mizz monroe

Sunday. 04. 3. 2011.

A friend of mine started her own business last year selling sex toys and other related products (lingerie and accessories).

Last night I attended a… sex toy party? I think they’re at times referred to as “fantasia parties”. Well whatever they’re called, I went to a party were my friend introduced us to her wares and we all had a great time.


Thought I’d mention Mizz Monroe (my friend’s company) just in case there was that off chance that a reader might want to find an absolutely brilliant site to order a toy or accessory. (I know I don’t have much readers but you’re apparently out there. There are also the occasional wanderer.)

Not only am I going to mention Mizz Monroe, I’m gonna even recommend it. The selection is not scary, she’s more than just a few products that don’t scream “SEX TOY” when you look at it. Her prices are also really good (comparing to other Swedish companies) and there is absolutely no need to fear asking her about the products. I think that’s what I like most about her company.

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