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garden 2011 update

Thursday. 03. 31. 2011.

It’s been 2 weeks since I started my seeds. Most have been successful. There is 1 tomato (Paul Robeson) and a few chili varieties that have not budged. I’m hoping that they’re just stubborn but I have a feeling they’re just not happening. I’ve moved operations to the laundry room door since it gets the most sun and set up the grow lamp above the tomatoes. I’d have one over the chilies but I don’t have a switch for it.

I’ve started to harden the tomato plants. 30 minutes at “high noon”. They look a bit sad when I bring them back inside but it will make them grow strong.

The 3 pots to the left are strawberries.

The pot in the left with all the tiny leaves is thyme.

I was trying to figure out how I can maximise the amount of sun the seedlings were getting when I thought of those reflective boards people use in the 80’s when tanning. I used tinfoil and as you can see, cat food boxes. They worked out great. This was even before I set up the light. You see the difference in the seedling. They’re not as stretched out towards the door/window as they were before I set the reflectors up.

Lettuce growing from a tin. Bright lights swiss chard planted in another tin.

Sweet pea

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