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mmm… smelly parsley…

Sunday. 03. 27. 2011.

I remember my mother complaining about regular parsley and how it’s tasteless when I was a kid. She always preferred the “Chinese” variety. Back then I had no idea she was talking about cilantro. I just thought there was some special asian parsley. Of the parsley group, I prefer the flat leaf parsley over the curly but my parsley experience is a bit amateur at best. I still regard it as garnish.



I’ve posted a many times about how I wish certain things would be available in the supermarkets here in Sweden. Here’s a post about how I wish they would sell fresh herbs in Canada like they way they sell them here in Sweden.

Fresh herbs in Sweden is sold in little “pots”, roots and all, alive and fresh. This means that you can keep the plant alive after you’ve used what you need so that it will grow and you can use the herb again.

The last time I was in Canada and I made a pork roast, it was so hard to get my hands on some fresh herbs.

When we were in Florida, I came to love cilantro. I’m slowly learning to love herbs. Basil is still a bit rough to love but now when I think tacos, I want cilantro. So I got myself a couple pots of cilantro. I clipped off what I needed without taking off all the leaves. I’m hoping that these 2 plants will make it till it’s warmer out, then transplant them into a garden box so I can have a giant “bush” so I can have fresh cilantro whenever I want. Especially with shrimp tacos.

cilantro, clipped & potted

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  1. Sunday. 03. 27. 2011. 8.03 pm

    I sometimes see potted herbs in the grocery store, not just in the garden centres. We have Pete’s Frootique here which is probably the best place to get fresh herbs outside of the farmer’s market.

    • Monday. 03. 28. 2011. 8.19 am

      My parents live in suburbia. Grocery shopping of choice is the Superstore.

      • Monday. 03. 28. 2011. 5.16 pm

        I shop at those kind of stores too, where I have seen potted plants.

  2. Tuesday. 03. 29. 2011. 5.49 pm

    Then I wasn’t looking hard enough. There… you got me to say it! I wasn’t looking hard enough. 😛

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