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should be doing something else

Sunday. 03. 20. 2011.

I have a physics exam on Wednesday and have at least 1 chapter’s worth of “homework” that I should probably get started on. Oh well.

Last week I sent in my application for university. While I have dentistry as my top choice, I can’t silence that voice in the back of my head that asks, “What if you finish the program and find that this is not what you want to do??” I suppose having credentials to be a dentist is not exactly all that bad.

I’ve applied for dental school in 2 other universities as well. If I were to get accepted at any of the 2, it would mean I would have to relocate. I’d end up in a situation where I’d have to decide if I want to be a dentist so badly that I’ll relocate or if I’d go into another field. That’ll be another pickle to tackle.

Along with dentistry, I’ve applied for nutrition, agronomy and chemistry.

My biggest concern is finishing the base year courses.

HA! I just looked at the agronomy program pre-req and I need only physics A. Awesome.

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