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there may be snow outside

Thursday. 03. 17. 2011.

The other day I was talking to my mom about growing blueberries. She was telling me that I should look into ordering my plants soon and my response was that we still have snow up to our knees.

Well it seems that it’s about time to get into the gardening.

Gardening can be a bit tricky here in Sweden. We are already getting nearly 12hrs of sunlight. (Which isn’t so different from Toronto apparently. You learn something new everyday.)


I decided to get the tomato, chili and strawberry plants going.

Last summer’s tomatoes were started a bit later than I would’ve liked. I planted the seeds in April. I think if I had started earlier, the tomatoes would’ve had more time to ripen. I’ll also be planting them closer to the shed for warmth.

I’ve also bought a couple “tabletop” greenhouses for propagating the seeds. It’s really to protect the future seedlings from curious kitties that think it’s a salad bar.

I’ve planted the seeds in the wee pots from IKEA. I can get about 15 pots in a greenhouse.

I’ve planted 12 varieties of tomatoes, 2 varieties of bell peppers and 10 varieties of chillies. Hopefully I had as much luck with my garden as I did last year.

I’ve also followed my mom’s advice. I’ve in an order for a set of 3 different kinds of currants and 3 different varieties of blueberries. They should arrive in the beginning of May.

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