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the dilemma

Wednesday. 02. 16. 2011.

I know I said I would post about Florida but I’ve been busy with school…

This post… will not be a continuation about Florida. No… this is about my dilemma. My dilemma with my meds.

So I saw my doctor last week and he said that we’d bump up the dosage. I was taking 18mg of Concerta for about 3 weeks. I had also noticed that it was starting to lose a bit of it’s “spark”. It’s apparently normal. The body starts accepting the medication and the “spark” kind of diminishes.

See that bit I just wrote there? Replace “medication” with cocaine. You see!?

So I was taking 36mg since Friday, once in the morning and wasn’t feeling so great. Today I decided to give another method a try. I take a pill in the morning and then one around 1, both dosages at 18mg. It worked out really well. I had 3hrs of math followed by 3hrs of physics. I was starting to feel the medication wear off towards the end of the math class. Took my second dose about 10 minutes before physics started. The first hour of physics was a bit hairy. I started getting really tired. But then I started to feel the pill kick in. Then I was up and running like I was in an English speaking physics class.

Then this all got me thinking. Worrying.

It totally made me think, “What have I become!?” I was sounding like a junkie that needed a fix.


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