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i’m getting old but again who isn’t

Wednesday. 02. 16. 2011.

A younger friend posted on her Facebook status about finding a grey hair sometime ago. Today is her birthday. She turned 26.

I remember 26.

2011 – 1983 = 28

Yup. This year I will be turning 28. I still have at least a month and a half before it happens (April 01) but the point is that I will be another year closer to being 30.

Every time I look at my reflection in the mirror, I’m greeted by 2 strands of grey hair. I started getting grey hairs in high school. I remember once in an elevator with a couple of my friends in college, they found a grey hair which one of them proceeded to pluck from my head. My friends were more hysterical than I was, in fact, I was not hysterical at all.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve always looked younger than I really am but the idea of aging does not bother me.

I see advertisement after advertisement for creams and gels and lotions that promote “anti-aging”. Does any of that stuff work?

All this unnecessary anxiety just sounds like it’s making people age faster.

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