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knitting for babies

Thursday. 02. 10. 2011.

So I’m gonna be knitting a bunch of baby things.

In my search for the perfect baby cardigan pattern, I’ve seen some really nice ones but then I look at the suggested yarns. 100% non superwash wool.



When you come up with something for a baby, make it washable. Something that cannot be thrown into the washing machine and quickly dried is USELESS!

They’re the sweaters that get kept in the back of the closet/drawer because it’s IMPRACTICAL. Especially for a baby! No busy new mother is gonna go dry clean/hand wash a baby sweater/cardigan!

That is all.

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  1. Friday. 02. 11. 2011. 6.44 am

    Well it is just the suggested yarn. I always sub and especially for baby knits most people would chose something else. Sometimes I think designers are sent yarn by companies hoping they will come up with something nice.

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