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florida, pt1

Thursday. 02. 10. 2011.

Couldn’t sleep so decided to take the opportunity to write a bit about our vacation in Florida.

So here’s how we found ourselves in Miami… Fredrik’s band was performing on this cruise. One that would normally be filled with old people and families except this one was filled with metalheads and 39 other bands. I didn’t partake in this because A)it was really expensive and B)I didn’t want to be on a boat for 3 days.

We took advantage of the fact that his ticket to Miami would get paid by the band/company which meant we just had to pay for my airfare and we’d have a nice little vacation.

The plan was to drive around, checking out the sights and food in the area. I had never had Cuban food before and was hoping for some serious seafood eating while I was there.

I went to Key West with my mom and my brother one summer, ate 18 oysters in 1 sitting ’cause they were 2 for $1. She still remembers worrying that I was gonna get some serious gastro-intestinal distress from all the oysters only to have that worry compounded because on our way back to the motel, I wanted ice cream. (For those who don’t know, I’m lactose intolerant.)

I had a list of stuff I wanted to eat while I was there. Taco Bell was actually on that list. But we found this amazing Mexican place (by my standards ’cause I really don’t know too much about Mexican food and haven’t really had truly amazing Mexican food) in our search for a seafood joint that was open in the first night I was there.

Fiesta Mexican Grill was the place.

The lady at the counter probably thought I was an idiot.

We ordered the fish tacos and shrimp tacos and a large guacamole. Before this place, I didn’t really like guacamole. I didn’t like cilantro either. But now, I love the two. Although the guacamole only when it’s done their way. Their shrimp tacos. Oh how I love their shrimp tacos. I will dream about these delicious tacos. The chips they have there, they fry themselves from corn tortillas.

I decided after that meal that I would have no idea to go to Taco Bell. Taco Bell could NOT offer me the satisfaction that this place had.

We went back to Fiesta Mexican Grill on our last night. I only wish I ate more shrimp tacos. Would’ve liked to try their pollo mole as well.

Shrimp taco @ Fiesta Mexican Grill

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  1. Thursday. 02. 10. 2011. 3.13 am

    I like shrimp tacos as well. I had them at Jack Astors of all places and they were great, but they took them off the menu. We have a good Mexican place here that’s actually run by a lady from Mexico who married a Newfoundlander. I have never eaten at Taco Bell. I am scared of it.

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