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as close as family

Thursday. 02. 10. 2011.

My friend back in Canada… HER BROTHER… is having a baby.

These people are very very near and dear to me. They’re my pseudo family. Just a terrific bunch of people.

So yeah, her brother is having a baby in May. Which means I get to get cracking on knitting baby items!

I often see patterns for children or babies but since I have no plans or desire to have any spawn in the next 5+ years, I often have to set those pattern aside. Well no more!

There was a girl from high school whom I knitted a baby hat for but she didn’t even send me a photo. (How rude!)

I’ve knitted a Totoro bonnet for this baby.

My friend’s brother hasn’t taken a look at what sex the baby will be. But I saw this darling dress pattern on Ravelry, Little sister’s dress (designer’s page)and I had some hot pink yarn kickin’ around so I’m gonna take my chance. I figured that if the baby’s gonna be a boy, maybe they’ll have another one and that could be a girl. They’re welcomed to pass it along as well.

While Fredrik and I were in Florida, I also picked up some Cotton Ease. I had NO IDEA that the yarn selection at Michaels had gotten so good. I saw the Stitch Nation yarn but Fredrik had to remind me that we had only so much space and if I wanted to bring home those cans of Clamato, I had better put the yarn back.

The plan is to use the Cotton Ease to knit this very smart baby jacket ( But I might knit a hooded cardigan instead. A dinosaur cardigan. Just need to find that perfect pattern.

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