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first pie of 2011

Thursday. 01. 6. 2011.

I know I said I would be posting more with the new year but really, I’m not back to normal yet.


The other day I had a craving for shrimp and ended up making a shrimp and zucchini pie. The first pie of 2011.

First pie of 2011. OM NOM NOM NOM

It’s super easy to make but I think my mods to the pie made it kind of messy to eat. It still tasted fantastic tho!

The crust is a classic pie/tart crust. Or you can be fancy, like Martha Stewart, and call it a pâte brisée, fancy accents and all. (Recipe:

You’ll need a medium zucchini and as much shrimp as you want in your pie. I like mine with lots of shrimp.

Here in Sweden, it’s more common to find what they call “northern shrimps”. They’re not as big and meaty as the kind I get in Toronto. This one is smaller but sweeter tasting. They usually come already cooked. I save the shells to make a stock for risotto but that’s for another post.

Start by softening a chopped onion in a bit of olive oil. Add your zucchini. Cook for like 3 minutes, push it all to one side of the pan so you have space to make a roux. Melt a chunk of butter, add like a tablespoon of flower to the melted butter, make sure it’s all well mixed and then add some milk while whisking so it would make a nice creamy sauce. With this particular pie I added some leftover white wine before adding the milk. It basically is a Béchamel sauce. Because my shrimps were already cooked, I added them right before I take the pan off the stove.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to season the filling. I used salt and pepper. Fancy, right?

I think that in the original recipe, they put cheese in the filling. Cheese is just not really my thing.

Just pour your filling into the pre baked pie crust (Did I forget to say you need to blind bake your pie crust?). I thought I’d be nice to Fredrik and put some shredded cheese on top. Bake for like 10 minutes at 175°C. Give it time to set after baking.

We didn’t do that ’cause we were hungry.

I think having the cheese IN the filling would’ve made the pie less runny but like I said before, it didn’t matter to me or Fredrik that it was a bit of a mess to look at. The point was that it was fantastic tasting.

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  1. Thursday. 01. 6. 2011. 10.13 pm

    Sounds good! I like to buy bags of frozen shrimp as they’re good to have on hand to make quick meals. I could make this with those but probably let them thaw all the way first and dry them off.

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