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cream of mushroom soup

Sunday. 12. 19. 2010.

I grew up with certain foods that I later learned was not the real deal.

For instance, my mom used to make bolognese sauce using ketchup + plenty of sugar. I later learned that bolognese is not supposed to taste like a sweeter ketchup with onions and ground beef in it.

Another example that will bring me to the point of this blog is the use of Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup as “cream sauce”. I later learned that cream sauce is NOT Cream of Mushroom soup. I also learned that my mom was not the only mom around to do that. A Chinese friend of mine told me that his mom did the same.

My dad actually uses Cream of Mushroom soup to make this fantastic spaghetti involving prawns and tomatoes. I should get that recipe off him.


What I wanted to say was that to me, Cream of Mushroom soup used as a “cream sauce” with pasta and peas is one of my comfort foods.

What sort of comfort food did you grow up with?

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