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all-you-can-eat what?!

Tuesday. 12. 14. 2010.

Dim sum is a very important part of Cantonese culture. When I lived in Hong Kong, we lived in on the 17th floor and when the elevators were in repair, my mom would take me yum cha (the Cantonese term for going for dim sum).

As I have complained before, dim sum is ridiculously expensive here in Stockholm. After the last time Fredrik and I had dim sum in Stockholm, I decided that I’d save my dim suming for Canada.

Then I found Pong Buffé.

I had wanted to give this place a try, especially after seeing that they offered dim sum as part of their all-you-can-eat Asian buffet.

A couple weeks ago, in my lovely week of detoxing, Fredrik and I went to Pong for the first time. I was very satisfied with their quality and variety of food.

Aside from the dim sum, there was also sushi and quite a range of Thai dishes to choose from. The selection of dim sum may not be as comprehensive as an actual dim sum place but they had the standard and even chicken feet.

A buffet would not be complete without dessert. Unlike most buffet places here in Sweden, where they offer tasteless ice cream, this place had panna cotta and chocolate mousse in tiny glasses. They had ice cream but I didn’t have any of that when there was chocolate mousse and panna cotta. There was also 2 kinds of fruit salad. Didn’t have any of that either.

Another great thing about this place, aside from the food was the price. 198:- per person. Comparing to the 250:- for dim sum in Stockholm, this place is just awesome.

Pong Buffé
Drottninggatan 71 C
111 36 Stockholm
Telefon: 08 – 20 45 63

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