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1 pill or 2?

Monday. 12. 13. 2010.

Yes, yes, I am aware of the fact that I have been blogging primarily about how things are going with my ADHD diagnoses and very little on happier subjects (i.e. food). I’d also like to point out that this blog is not devoted to food so if you don’t like reading about what’s going on in my life, then I suggest you move on.

Following my doctor’s instructions in taking only 1 pill (18mg) for about week, I started to take 2 pills yesterday. Since it was a Sunday, I didn’t have much that really needed focusing and found 36mg a bit too much to handle. So today I took only 1 pill.

Well with an afternoon physics class, things were a bit shaky about an hour into the class. I’m gonna give 2 pills a try tomorrow since I have another afternoon physics class. I know it takes a bit of time to get the dosage right. Hell, this might not be the right form of methylphenidate for me. But despite knowing all that, I just wish it can be done and over with. Right now it’s just like trying to run with weights attached to my legs. A total pain in the arse…

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