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day 2

Monday. 12. 6. 2010.

I woke up today wondering if I should be taking these meds so soon after being medicated for 3 years.

I took today’s dose anyways.

But after some thought throughout the day, I think I will give myself a break from being “drugged”.

2 weeks without medication is not enough. I was detoxing in those 2 weeks. Like I described it to Fredrik, it’s like having bobbleheads that have been on sick leave for the past 3 years come back to work but they no longer know how to do their jobs properly. Things are a bit messy in my head.Wrong buttons are being pushed and my previous coping mechanism manuals need to be found, dusted and re-read.

On a positive note, Concerta definitely gave me some calm which confirms the fact that I have ADHD. The whole idea behind all this is that people with ADD or ADHD reacts differently to stimulants from “normal” people.

I remember when I was a kid, I tried Jolt Cola. “All the sugar, twice the caffeine.” Well, I ended up getting really tired. It seemed strange at the time but I just figured that I reacted differently to caffeine.

I suppose the ADHD also kind of explains why I can drink copious amounts of coffee and then go straight to bed.

But the point is, I’m gonna give myself a longer reset time than 2 weeks. I’m thinking a month. I have the pills and I have only a couple weeks of school left in front of me. We’ll see how it goes down.

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