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strange i know

Sunday. 12. 5. 2010.

Listen, I know I’m strange or weird or whatever else you want to call it but it’s not so necessary to point it out constantly. You don’t point out someone’s inability to walk when they’re wheel chair bound. They know it already. Nothing new! I KNOW I’M WEIRD. KNEW IT WAY BEFORE YOU!

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  1. Sunday. 12. 5. 2010. 7.33 am

    I hate that. This person I worked with used to like pointing out what I was wearing. It was summer and I often wore jeans and long sleeves and every day she’d be like ‘aren’t you hot in those clothes’ or ‘you’re making me hot just looking at you’ and it really got on my nerves because A: I know what clothes I have on and B: I’m aware that it’s summer. Please shut the fuck up. So, not really the same but I get you. I hate it when people inform you of the obvious like over and over.

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