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this is not my computer

Monday. 11. 1. 2010.

I came home last weekend to find our laptops sitting in a puddle of water. I had left a glass of water on the coffee table and Ull knocked it over. This happened while I was at work. So the computers were sitting in water for many hours.

Fredrik’s macbook doesn’t turn on. Mine has been having some hanging issues as well as network issues. So we called insurance and sent our macbooks in to get checked out and hopefully get fixed/replaced.

I’ve decided that our next computer will be a desktop. I’d like to get a tower for Fredrik so he can do more with his music recording,etc but the prices are really outrageous. I think it might be an imac.


I’m writing this post on Fredrik’s old macbook. It really is not the same as using my own macbook. Not to mention, this macbook has a Swedish keyboard.

So posts are kind of on hiatus until I get my macbook back. I really hope I get it back soon. It feels weird to not have it. I had another thought but I lost it…

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