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slow roasted tomatoes

Monday. 10. 25. 2010.

The last of our tomatoes ripened… ripened all at once. I wasn’t in the mood for eating tomatoes so the plan at first was to just skin and can them. I gotta say that I’m pretty proud of our load of tomatoes.

Ripen tomatoes

Then I came across a post on Kalyn’s Kitchen blog.

Of course… concentrated tomato. Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

Clean your tomatoes, halve them and toss with olive oil and oregano.

Halved + dressed with oregano & olive oil

Lay the tomato out in a single layer on a baking sheet.

Single layer on baking sheet

Roast in the oven @ 100°C. It’s gonna take at least a few hours.

Into the oven @ 100°C

I helped reduce the time by wedging the oven door open with a potholder. The idea is to dehydrate the tomatoes to concentrate the flavours. So wedging the door open will allow the steam to escape.

Wedged open to let steam out

I checked progress by pressing on the tomatoes with a fork. If there’s still a lot of juice left, then let them cook longer. If the insides are resembling paste, then you’re done. You can obviously use a different standard.

Almost done

You can pick off the skin rather easily when they’re done. I didn’t bother.

Concentrated + slightly dehydrated

I’m storing mine in a jar in the fridge, covered in olive oil. Use a chopstick to get out any air pockets.

Jarred w olive oil

Add your tomatoes to any pasta sauce to intensify the flavours. The tomatoes are also good with pasta with just a bit of olive oil and garlic.

Mixed into bolognese

I can’t wait for next year’s tomatoes. I’ve got a few paste tomatoes which will be fantastic to make slow roasted tomatoes with.

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