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Monday. 10. 25. 2010.

I think I’m gonna start doing some posts on the gadgets, tools, stuff that I think is great to have.

The first item I’ll be recommending is one of these grill/griddle plates for the stovetop.


Mine is a Nordic Ware Pro Cast Grill/Griddle. I was originally gonna get a cast iron one but they weigh a ton and this one was only $20 at Walmart.


It’s got this area that, what I’m assuming, is for collecting fat/oil. But since it lies flat, it needs a bit of help.


So I wedged a silicone pot holder (another item I can recommend) under the opposite corner to create a slope for the grease to run into that little holding area. It didn’t matter too much that the plate was not in contact with my stove ’cause the lamb burgers were pretty much done and sitting there to keep warm.

The nice thing about this grill/griddle plate is being able to get that bbq effect without having to stand outside in the snow beside the bbq. Not to mention Fredrik had put the bbq away in the shed and I wasn’t in the mood to drag it back out.

Flip this baby over and it’s a griddle which is great for making breakfast or more than 1 okonomiyaki at a time. So go on, get yourself one. They’re not very expensive. Even the cast iron ones. I would’ve liked a cast iron one if it were not for baggage allowance. Maybe I’ll get one when we move to Canada.

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