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struggling to figure out

Thursday. 10. 21. 2010.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the school counsellor.

Here’s the background:

I’ve never had a proper diagnoses on what’s wrong with me. I’ve noticed something wrong with me since I was 9. There’s been 2 suicide attempts serious enough to land me in the hospital. I get panic attacks. I take anti depressants to keep the serious sad and anxiety away. But things are still not making sense.

A friend of mine suggested that I may have ADHD. I did some reading up and things started adding up. Especially since there is a history of it in my family. I’ve only been treated for the down side of things. People don’t seem to think the hyperactivity in me to be a bad thing. I don’t either except when I’m supposed to be concentrating, like NOW! When I should be reviewing for a physics test tomorrow.

I’ve actually noticed in the last 5 years that my concentration levels are all over the place and have started to become just exhausting.

Anyways. After explaining to the counsellor what I’ve gone through and also the fantastic experiences I’ve had with the doctors here in Sweden (SARCASM!), she suggested that I have a meeting with the psych that would be able to give me some sort of evaluation.

So now I’ve got an appointment next week to meet with this guy.

It may sound kind of strange to be happy about this appointment but having only a suggested diagnoses that I might be bipolar, it would be fantastic to have some sort of straight answer. It would also mean I could get my medication changed which is great. The medication my brother’s on, he’s got ADD, is a take when needed kind of meds. I am really not a big fan of having to take my meds everyday and when I miss a dose, it’s just HELL.

Guess we’ll see what this guy’s gonna say.

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  1. Thursday. 10. 21. 2010. 6.56 pm

    I have a hard time focussing lately but that could just be because of my lifestyle choices. I wonder if maybe I have mild dyslexia. It can be a big relief to find a specialist who might be able to help.

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