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bento round up

Monday. 10. 18. 2010.

Oh wow… 2 years ago… I started thinking at first that it started a year ago and then realised that it was in fact 2 years ago.


2 years ago I became a bit obsessed about bento lunches. I ordered boxes and accessories from eBay. Read the blog posts in the interweb. Had plans to bring a fancy pants lunch to school everyday. But that didn’t really go as planned but that’s not to say I won’t go back to doing it again.


Seeing that I’m still linked to some bento lunch related websites and I have deleted my page containing my bento efforts, I’ve decided that I will be doing a bento round up.

Flickr set:

Thumbnails are linked to a bigger picture.

  1. bento #01
    Mini burger patties, oven baked fries, steamed broccoli, dried apples, nuts & chocolate chips
  2. bento #02
    Black bean chicken w mixed vegetables & steamed rice
  3. bento #03
    Chicken egg noodles w mixed vegetables, garlic-y shrimps, black bean chicken, cucumber & cheese
  4. bento #04
    Creamy pasta w pork & peas, cucumber, avocado & cheese
  5. bento #05
    Chicken wings & sweet potato fries
  6. bento #06
    Curry chicken w steamed rice, cucumber & cheese
  7. bento #07
    Spaghetti bolognese, black bottom cupcake, dried apples & nuts
  8. bento #08
    Teriyaki chicken w steamed rice, cabbage & carrots & garlic-y spinach
  9. bento #09
    Chicken drumstick & blue congo potato wedges
  10. bento #10
  11. bento #11
    Fish soup w veggies, shrimp & crab stick
  12. bento #12
    Spam musubi, Japanese curry chicken w spaghetti & waffle
  13. bento #13
    Sausage sandwich & cheese
  14. bento #14
    BBQ chicken, rösti & sauté mushrooms
  15. bento #15
    Sliced pork, garlic-y shrimps, BBQ chicken, mixed vegetables & steamed rice
  16. bento #16
    PB&J & biff à la lindström
  17. bento #17
    Mini burgers, spinach salad w honey mustard dressing, pickles & bread
  18. bento #18
    Pytt i panna, over easy egg & pickled beets
  19. bento #19
  20. bento #20
    Cold noodles, avocado, tuna, peppers & kimchi
  21. bento #21
    Black bean chicken w steamed rice & ham sandwich
  22. bento #22
    Egg w dumpling filling & paratha
  23. bento #23
    Pad Thai, apple, sugar peas, macaroon & chocolate

Hopefully I will make bento lunches again soon. I have school now and occasionally bring a lunch but I’ve just been too busy to make them pretty.

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  1. Monday. 10. 18. 2010. 11.32 am

    I always think bento looks so cute and interesting, but I am way too lazy! And I always made my own lunch through school days and my working life.

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