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mac and cheese

Sunday. 10. 17. 2010.

Growing up in Canada, mac and cheese is synonymous with Kraft Dinner. In fact there are plenty of what would be fantastic foods that are associated with brand name versions that are MILES in goodness from the real deal.

Kraft dinner is a strange shade of orange that comes from this day glow orange powdered cheese. The real macaroni and cheese… well I have no idea… I’ve never eaten real mac and cheese.

And here comes the real reason for this post…

The food I’d LOVE to make but have never had the chance is real mac and cheese. I worry that I won’t like it and then end up with a platter of mac and cheese and no one to eat it. Fredrik would probably like it but what if he doesn’t?!

Maybe I can see if I could request an audience of my friends to have mac and cheese.

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