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days like today

Thursday. 10. 14. 2010.

I was thinking the other day that perhaps not having school during the summer may not be the best method for me because in the summer I don’t seem to have days like today.

What are days like today like?

It’s like trying to read The Heart of Darkness in a busy train station/bar knowing that there’s a detailed retelling of the story and it’s themes the next day that needs to be done. Did I mention that the child that’s also kicking your seat? Yeah, it’s a flippin’ mess and you can’t ever get into the story because it’s so damn boring.

First I thought that skipping kick boxing last night would give me enough time to kind of let that feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin go so that I can make it into class and sit through class.

My first class started at 9 and I was dreaming of  trying to save this little kid from a haunted/cursed house.

Then I thought maybe I could get to my 2nd class. I was like, “It’s a feckin’ important class!” Well class started 37minutes ago. It’s not THAT important ie test important but I’m sure whatever I would’ve learned would’ve been more beneficial than destructive.

Then I tried to do some physics homework. It sort of worked until I could no longer concentrate long enough to figure out what the words meant. Then I started to get confused about what the graphs were trying to tell me.


I suppose the day isn’t COMPLETELY wasted. I cleaned the stovetop and put away a load of clean dishes.

Save me Chakakhan!

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